Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball


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Are you a fan of basketball? Do you enjoy pixel art and physics-based games? If so, then you’re in for a treat with Bouncy Basketball! This one-button 2D game will have you bouncing around the court, trying to score baskets and outsmart your opponent. Whether you’re playing against a CPU or challenging a friend in two-player mode, Bouncy Basketball ensures hours of entertaining gameplay.

How to Play

To showcase your basketball skills in Bouncy Basketball, all you need is the spacebar or the D key to jump. As you soar through the air, release the spacebar or D key to shoot the ball towards the hoop. Additionally, the arrow keys allow you to navigate your player across the court, giving you that competitive edge.

Aim for Victory

The objective of Bouncy Basketball is simple: outscore your opponent. You earn points for making baskets, and the closer you are to the hoop when you shoot, the more points you’ll receive. Take it to the next level by dunking the ball and celebrating your triumph. The game concludes when one player reaches a predetermined number of points or when time runs out.

Tips for Success

Here are some invaluable tips to dominate the court in Bouncy Basketball:

  • Boost your chances of success by jumping as high as you can when shooting the ball. This maximizes your opportunity to score.
  • When shooting, aim for the center of the hoop. This increases your chances of making the basket.
  • Utilize the arrow keys to maneuver your player strategically, evading blocks from your opponent.
  • Don’t hesitate to dunk the ball. It’s not only an effective way to score points, but it also demoralizes your opponent.
  • Most importantly, have a blast! Bouncy Basketball is perfect for solo play or competing against friends.

Master the Controls

To ensure you’re ready to dominate the court, familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • Spacebar or D key: Jump
  • Release spacebar or D key: Shoot
  • Arrow keys: Move

Ready to embark on an exciting basketball adventure? Head over to and experience the thrill of Bouncy Basketball today!